Cavity in Milk Tooth

A small cavity which is not deep and painless can be treated with a simple filling procedure. Any milk tooth with pain should be treated immediately. Untreated cavity can cause pain and poor eating. For a child to eat properly teeth is very important. Cavities in the teeth can reduce the child’s eating ability due to pain and inability to chew the food properly. Such teeth can be treated using crowns after root canal therapy.  A child without good milk teeth may become underweight and malnourished. Many of them think milk tooth does not require any treatment which is not true.

Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics
(For Improper Teeth Alignment)

Many teeth alignment problems occur in kids. Some of them are self-correcting. But few conditions like crowding(lack of space) jaw discrepancies – upper jaw behind and lower jaw in front habits like tongue thrusting, mouth breathing(excess of teeth exposure and lack of lip seal during sleep) should be managed at an early stage all these conditions can be managed with removable and fixed appliances.The above mentioned problems should be managed at an early age. we need not wait till 14yrs of age for all alignment problems.

Interceptive Orthodontics

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